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New Knowledge and Skill Sets Training
PQS Quality training programs offer the skills and knowledge sets that organizations and individuals need to stay in step with today's industry requirements. For example, PQS curricula help participants:
-  Acquire a new skill set
-  Attain required certification for career advancement
-  Augment professional growth
-  Enhance department effectiveness
-  Refresh on and/or update knowledge about specific industry subjects
-  Earn re-certification units for ASQ certification renewal

PQS instructors are highly qualified professionals with both American Society for Quality (ASQ) certification and a bevy of applicable work experience. They are selected based on their educational and professional qualifications in multiple companies and industries.

A Range of Training Options PQS offers training in several modes:
-  Public training is the most popular form of training. The presentation is more widely focused, with learning
  opportunities to leverage other participant experiences.
-  Company-specific training is tailored to an organization's needs. The training is developed by combining
   internal and external requirements to address company-specific needs.
   PQS training presentations typically include lecture and hands-on participation:
-  Seminars follow an 80% lecture/20% hands-on format
-  Workshops follow a 50% lecture/50% hands-on format
-  Certification preparatory courses follow a 20% lecture/80% hands-on format

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